New Scratch Slot Online Casino Game Launches at NeoGames

NeoGames International, the leading International provider of instant online casino games and online scratch cards, has announced that it has recently added a new game to its already huge portfolio of 120 top titles.

The new Go 777 Scratch Slot Card is bound to bring players a most amazing online casino game in 3D as it offers players a combination of the thrill of online slots and scratch cards.

NeoGames International has revealed that the new Go 777 scratch slot card is “a classic scratch slot with cutting edge three dimensional graphics boasting realistic audio.

Three slot machines incorporating two scratch areas in each are included in NeoGames’ new scratch slot. In order to win a massive GBP 200,000 which is the largest jackpot offered by Go 777 scratch slot card, it is necessary to reveal three matching symbols across any of the reels in the online casino game.

Players will definitely be drawn to the new Go 777 scratch slot card due to the fact that it is NeoGames International’s first 3D scratch card game to be released and offers amazing imagery and sound elements.

Yet another attraction to the Go 777 scratch card game is that despite the fact that it looks like a conventional online slot game it is actually one of the most sophisticated games in the industry. The new scratch slot card offers players realistic graphics and sounds, vibrant game play as well as an opportunity to change games between rounds.

NeoGames International provides online casino players with quality scratch cards and slot games on the go.

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